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Our next dance: Friday, June 8, 2018 - Lestyn Gilmore will be your DJ and instructor providing you with a great night of dancing and fun. We will be dancing at our summer home, the Parish Center at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Bridgewater, Mass. Conveniently near routes 24, 106, 104, 18 and 28. To see all our upcoming dances, check out our Schedule for 2018.
Ahoy! Book passage on the Silver City Line Dance Cruise - July 18, 2018. Download the registration form here! Tickets cost $40.00. If you have already registered for the cruise, but want to book passage to Boston on the bus from Raynham, download the form to register for the bus here There are only 5 seats left on the bus..

Who Are Silver City Dancers?

Silver City Dancers is a collaborative effort of Lestyn Gilmore of Lestyn's Dance Studio, Cindy Agostinho of Boot Stompin' with Cindy and Co., Felicia Doble of Party Over Here and Steve Cavanaugh. We are working together to promote all kinds of line dancing and partner pattern dancing here in Southeast Massachusetts. Together we'll be sharing the Holy Ghost Society Hall in East Taunton for regular Friday night dances, and will hold other events and classes. Each of the DJs has their own classes and events as well.
Your DJs & Hosts at Silver City
Lestyn GilmoreFelicia DobleCindy Agostinho
Lestyn GilmoreFelicia DobleCindy AgostinhoSteve Cavanaugh