Silver City Dancers
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Silver City Line Dancers is a collaborative effort of Lestyn Gilmore of Lestyn's Dance Studio, Cindy Agostinho of Boot Stompin' with Cindy and Co., Felicia Doble of Party Over Here and Steve Cavanaugh. We are working together to promote all kinds of line dance and partner pattern dancing here in Southeast Massachusetts. Together we'll be sharing the Holy Ghost Society Hall in East Taunton for regular Friday night dances, and will hold other events and classes. Each of the DJs has their own classes and events as well.
Not all line dance is done to country music, though there's certainly plenty of that around. But since starting a few years ago, we've found all kinds of dance styles in the area.
Soul (or Urban) Line Dancing is a big phenomenon in cities across the country, and provides plenty of steps and figures to get you moving in synch to R&B and Hip Hop
Not as widespread, but still found in lots of places is Ballroom line dance, making use of Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot and other ballroom dance figures.
Perhaps as widespread as country is what is known as "Progressive" line dance, using all sorts of pop music, from R&B to top-40 format tunes.
Pattern Partner dancing is similar to line dancing, in that it is choreographed with a set number of steps that repeat over the course of the song, but it is done, as the name suggests, with a partner, and is done aoround the outter edge of the dance floor, counterclockwise in traditional ballroom fashion.
Your DJs & Hosts at Silver City
Lestyn GilmoreFelicia Doble (with - l to r - Brooklyn Ed, Jess & daughter Diandra)Cindy & Mike Agostinho and Steve Cavanaugh